Artist Name: Bernard Deschler
Art Title:The Corpus For A Cross
Size (in.):H: 68.00 x W : 44.00 x D : 16.00
Price: $9,000
Status: For Sale

The Corpus For A Cross

Bernard Deschler

  • The Corpus For A Cross

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Additional Notes:
· From the beginning of time to send messages, and to memorialize---mankind used symbols to track history and remind other humans of particular events— · THE CRUCIFIX is one of those symbols—at one time it represented capital punishment and disgrace ---a crucified Jew was a disgraced person--- · Since the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST the cross has become the symbol for Christianity, a symbol of LOVE and UNITY---- on the cross is nailed a hanging sculpted body, the Corpus of JESUS CHRIST expressing the suffering He endured out of love for the people of the world--- · This is the Corpus the true symbol of LOVE and UNITY thru suffering.