Artist Name: Larry Morace
Art Title:Once More with Feeling #13
Size (in.):H: 28.00 x W : 22.00 x D : 0
Price: ---
Status: Sold

Once More with Feeling #13

Larry Morace

  • Once More with Feeling #13

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Additional Notes:
Larry Morace is a figurative painter from the San Francisco Bay Area who has exhibited throughout the U.S. as well as in Japan. Morace's fascination with the still life genre dates back to 1992, when he began a still life series called "Homage to Morandi" in tribute to the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. He returned to still lifes in 1997, this time painting smaller, sometimes brightly-colored images. The "Once More with Feeling" series, as it's called, features clusters of small paintings that present the same image—often coffee cups and fruit—painted again and again but with subtle light and mood variations in each rendition. Morace is represented by several galleries on the West Coast. His work has been included in numerous publications, including Art of Northern California (Alcove Books, 2003) New American Paintings (Open Studios Press, 1999), San Francisco, The Painted City (Gibbs Smith, 1993), and Painting as a Language (Harcourt College Publishers, 2000). "Once More