Artist Name: Douglas Hamilton
Art Title:Sydney 2
Size (in.):H: 48.00 x W : 48.00 x D : 1.50
Price: ---
Status: Sold

Sydney 2

Douglas Hamilton

  • Sydney 2

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Additional Notes:
Price includes US shipping; Signed verso; sides painted. ARTIST'S STATEMENT: The design and creation of each work is a process of seeking order from the diverse ideas and materials available. I want the image to have a deliberateness to it while retaining enough variety to remain interesting -- it should evidence a thoughtful process rather than mere catharsis or abandonment. I use certain forms and structures as limiters to focus my expression (similar to attempting expression of complex feelings in the form of a sonnet). However, form and structure allow only asymtotic expression; that is, the expression may approach but can never actually touch the truth. My work explores and abstracts feelings about relationships and progressions. The balance and movement of size, shape, balance, color, and value on the canvas reflect fluctuating relationships of life. Yet somehow there is progression to things -- perhaps even a purpose. What we are now is an accumulation of what we have