Artist Name: Valera Pessin
Art Title:Waiting
Size (in.):H: 32.00 x W : 40.00 x D : 0
Medium:Oil on canvas
Price: $4,400
Status: For Sale


Valera Pessin

  • Waiting

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Additional Notes:
Born in 1963 in Minsk, Belarus Essence of creativity Every moment of the life is wonderful. Every day of the life is a splendid gift. Understanding of all these common truths makes us treating with a particular care and trembling all those wonderful moments that the fortune presents us with. The ability to astonish is the first merit of an artist. If a spectator feels astonishment and delight the artist has fulfilled his task. Search of new forms, new techniques of painting… There is simply no time to do it. In the morning you look out of the window and see a garden. The trees are soft green in spring and red in autumn. We go out of home and realize that the world is full of children's voices, rustle of the leaves and singing of the birds. There are beautiful women and infinite sky. To get all these and paint on the canvas - is the life sufficient to do it? It's a great happiness to see unusual details in usual things and situations. Attempt of reproducing subtle features is