Artist Name: Pol Ledent
Art Title:Waiting For A Lover
Size (in.):H: 40.00 x W : 32.00 x D : 0.40
Medium:Oil on canvas
Price: ---
Status: Sold

Waiting For A Lover

Pol Ledent

  • Waiting For A Lover

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Additional Notes:
Pol Ledent was born on 23rd October, 1952 in Houyet, a little village in the South of Belgium, a part of the country which is called "the Ardennes". Remember! That's where the famous "Battle of the Bulge" (Ardennes Offensive) took place in december 1944. Pol Ledent first started with a few watercolours and a fellow- artist noticed there was something special to be explored in his way of painting. In 1995, this fellow-artist advised him to start painting with oil ant to take some drawing lessons, what Pol did. After many collective exhibitions where people began to notice his very personal and particular way of painting, he decided to exhibit his oil paintings alone, first in Rochehaut, in 1999, and in Dinant, in 2001. These were very succesful. In March 2002, a gallery owner in Paris, was impressed by seeing his paintings on the internet and he proposed to Pol exhibit in his gallery, Galerie Artimus, rive Gauche, rue de Savoie in 75006 Paris. Pol is no doubt an emerging artist