Artist Name: Lou Pizzi
Art Title:La Carezza Del Mare
Size (in.):H: 16.00 x W : 32.00 x D : 0.80
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Price: ---
Status: Sold

La Carezza Del Mare

Lou Pizzi

  • La Carezza Del Mare

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Additional Notes:
Lou Pizzi divides his time between Liguria on the Italian Riviera and Ireland. The sea is the inspiration and poetry for his painting. Lou paints in “collections” as he likes to change subject and style frequently feeling that this helps keep his approach fresh and lively. It also offers a wide range of ever changing paintings for his clients. His paintings are on show in numerous galleries in several countries. “An extremely versatile painter, whose paintings range from landscapes to still lifes, and abstract without any apparent effort. Each painting has a life of it‘s own, full of character and colour.” (Newspaper extract from a show) “Painting is a dance of undefined time and mystery a song of poetry and rhythm a piece of the artist’s soul” Lou Pizzi