Artist Name: Grace Moore
Art Title:Turkey
Size (in.):H: 30.00 x W : 24.00 x D : 1.50
Price: $3,500
Status: For Sale


Grace Moore

  • Turkey

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Additional Notes:
Caught in the market near Ephesus, Turkey, this strong peasant woman looks toward us with a hint of gentle irony. "Just what are you doing in my market - are you really here to buy olives?" Yet she has the hint of a grandmotherly smile that will forgive us anyway. Grace has at various times signed her work as "Grace Alice Moore", "G.A.Moore", "Grace Moore", "GA", and "GAM". Her current paintings are mostly signed with the cursive overlapping initials gam. She has also painted under the names of "Wm. Blair", "Whiskers McDermott", and others. She is currently painting mostly in oils, occasionally in acrylic or mixed media. Earlier in her career she worked mostly in watercolor. As you can see from the galleries, she is definitely not restricted to one "style" but explores color and form and ideas looking for something that evokes emotion - which is her definition of that which is art. She has a background in the sciences and in the arts and has been involved extensivel