Artist Name: Caren Keyser
Art Title:Ti Plants with Coleus
Size (in.):H: 40.00 x W : 60.00 x D : 0
Price: $5,000
Status: For Sale

Ti Plants with Coleus

Caren Keyser

  • Ti Plants with Coleus

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Additional Notes:
Nature’s patterns spill forth in luxuriantly vibrant colors in this acrylic painting of lush tropical scenery. An underlying theme reveals itself through plants intertwining as they compete for existence in crowded sun lit worlds, where nature reclaims that which has been borrowed. As order is created out of chaos, this painting adds punctuation to the long run-on sentence that is nature itself. This award winning artist has created an intricate setting consisting of broad blue and green leafed Ti plants rimmed in pink accents complimented by a bed of pink Coleus beneath. Yellow accents add additional zest.