Artist Name: Bryan Patterson
Art Title:Meditation
Size (in.):H: 14.00 x W : 12.00 x D : 6.00
Medium:Wood, stone and concretion
Price: ---
Status: Sold


Bryan Patterson

  • Meditation

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Additional Notes:
Bryan Patterson is an artist and designer living in Vermont with his wife and six children, all of whom have amazing artistic ability. Bryan is directly descended from the Lapp family who make up a large part of our Amish communities in America. Among his relatives is Henry Lapp of the late 1800's to early 1900's. Henry was an amazing deaf mute carpenter/craftsman and has his work displayed in The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Bryan says, “I fell into my talent not knowing about my ancestry, but because it is what I naturally do.” Bryan started woodworking in 1977 and has had the priviledge to have his work honored in several publications over the years.