Artist Name: Fraser Leonard
Art Title:Undressing
Size (in.):H: 52.00 x W : 42.00 x D : 0
Medium:Acrylic on canvas
Price: $3,800
Status: For Sale


Fraser Leonard

  • Undressing

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Additional Notes:
With acrylic as his preferred medium, Leonard commands the canvas. His pastels are ethereal and translucent; his paintings in the more vibrant hues are warm and earthy, often quite luminous. "Raised in a creative and talented family, Fraser Leonard cannot remember a time when he didn't have an art implement in his hand." Awards for his work date back to 1965 when he garnered the Top Purchase Award at the Arkansas Arts Festival. Since then, he has welcomed numerous awards for his art as well as one-man gallery exhibits in various states such as Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida and Missouri over the years. Fraser Leonard will be a featured artist here at ArtQuest from March-May of 2002.