Artist Name: Ernest Trova
Art Title:Manscape Medallion
Size (in.):H: 4.00 x W : 4.00 x D : 0
Medium:.999 Pure Silver Double Faced Medallion
Price: Price On Request
Status: For Sale

Manscape Medallion

Ernest Trova

  • Manscape Medallion

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Additional Notes:
An acrylic black box was designed to hold the coin in the center for display. This double faced Medallion is signed, numbered and dated. Both editions were published by Pace Galleries, NY. Documented in the Trova Book by Kagan, color plate 255. Produced as a multiple, the sculpture was released by the Medallic Art Company in 1967 as a signed and numbered limited edition of 50 in silver and 75 in gold-plated bronze. On the front is a relief of the wrapped Manscape head in profile with the statement “I HAVE A PLAN” in raised letters by his chin. Along the inner edge behind his neck is the signature Trova 67. On the reverse, a triad of Falling Man figures rise and fall, converging in the center to face each other. The inner design is bound by a border reading 2:30 MAN • WISDOM IS THE APPROPRIATE USE OF TIME. The time reference is an allusion to the clock face-like configuration of the figures. Ernest Trova was one of seven sculptors commissioned by Art in America in 1965 to work in tandem with the Medallic Art Company to introduce the world to this new art/exonumismatic form. The medallion measures roughly 4” in diameter and is just around 1/4” thick at the edge. It weighs roughly 1 lb 1.8 oz.