Artist Name: William Hall
Art Title:Rabbit Express
Size (in.):H: 30.00 x W : 24.00 x D : 0.25
Medium:Oil and acrylic airbrush
Price: $1,000
Status: For Sale

Rabbit Express

William Hall

  • Rabbit Express

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Additional Notes:
William H. Hall is an "Active" member of the ...... Federation of Canadian Artists......... He was born in Montreal, Canada, and received his education in biology. Bill started painting and cartooning years ago. He works in oil, acryllics and uses the air-brush to create highly vivid and realistic paintings. His present subjects include historical scenes, (usually military), ships, automobiles, trains and aircraft . A somewhat unique feature of Bill's painting is his use of light and shadows to enhance the 3D effect. He uses the "Z-Axis" to bring the viewer into his pictures. Many of his origional paintings also "glow" in the dark, from special paint. Bill lives in British Columbia, Canada, near the city of Vancouver. Hi visitor... "Sometimes the world seems as if it belongs to me. I am a product of it - and my environment together. At those moments, I create landscapes, seascapes and the like. However at other times, I feel my existence in this universe is only momentary