Artist Name: Miho Kanamori
Art Title:Heian Noble Villa
Size (in.):H: 38.00 x W : 43.20 x D : 2.00
Medium:Silk Japanese Cherry Wood
Price: $1,820
Status: For Sale

Heian Noble Villa

Miho Kanamori

  • Heian Noble Villa

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Additional Notes:
Konnichiwa, my name is Miho Kanamori. I have been involved with Kimono for more than four decades, my grandfather owned a Kimono Shop in the early 1900's near Tokyo. I created Wa-Dakara to share my passion for Kimono. My objective is to preserve Japanese "Human Treasure” and to show the Kimono in a new medium I call "Tatami-Komi" "Tatami-Komi demonstrates the key design area of the Kimono and does so without dismantling, cutting or damaging the precious Kimono. The entire Kimono is therefore preserved within a system I especially developed for the purpose of keeping the Kimono in its original form. Each piece is individually selected by me and carries the Wa-Dakara registered seal and certificate of authenticity. My Kimono are 100% Silk with Japanese Cherry Wood Frame. Wa-Dakara "Kimono Art” is made only in Japan. Please enjoy our Japanese "Human Treasure" Miho Kanamori http://www.wadakara.com