Artist Name: Ludmila Ketchersid
Art Title:Atlanta Reborn Winter 1895
Size (in.):H: 48.00 x W : 96.00 x D : 4.50
Medium:Hand Sculpted Plaster Bas Relief
Price: $120,915
Status: For Sale

Atlanta Reborn Winter 1895

Ludmila Ketchersid

  • Atlanta Reborn Winter 1895

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Additional Notes:
This detailed and monumental Bas-Relief entitled, "Atlanta Reborn" was meticulously hand sculpted, carved and painted by Russian Artist Ludmilla Ketchersid (USA) over a several year period and is signed and dated. The copyright retained by Artist. The material used is mainly plaster with an internal wire armature which strengthens the buildings and towers allowing the objects to protude from the flat base plane giving a dimensional effect. The scene was then completed by adding a sepia oil wash (yeilding the effect of an aged photograph) and finished with a satin lacquer for protection. This large artistic relief sculpture approximately measures 41-7/8" (3.5') high x 90" (7.5') wide while the thick wooden frame (accented with real gold leaf) brings the total size to an even 4 feet high x 8 feet wide. Atlhough the size is quite impressive, this relief sculpture only has a 1 inch depth (sight size) which indicates the complexity and level of difficulty in acheiving this three dimensional