Artist Name: Richard Cheney
Art Title:Empire Of American Gypsies
Size (in.):H: 72.00 x W : 84.00 x D : 1.00
Medium:Oil on canvas
Price: $850,000
Status: For Sale

Empire Of American Gypsies

Richard Cheney

  • Empire Of  American Gypsies

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Additional Notes:
Price has been lowered, so that more collectors would have a chance,to buy,$850,000,Empire Of The American Gypsies,is about the gypsies,that settled in the midwestern part of the United States,in between the years 1870s,and 1890s,and traveled up out of Texsas,Louisiania,and Florida,and in the summer time of each year.They would travel by caravan wagons,on up into the high cooler country,to beat the heat,down in the southern states.At the end of they'er journey,they would celebrate,their new found freedom that they had in America,and would celebrate the Queen of the sword-dance festival,which could last for many days.The Gypsies,had endured 700 years,of slavery,in Europe,and were finaly free in the great Americas,and freedom never felt so good as it did in the United States.THIS painting is a rear,and exotic look,of a part of the old AMERICAN west that has not been painted before this time,the gypsies would have wagon shows ,and fortune telling,to get they'er part of the gold mineing ,a