Artist Name: Wale Adeoye
Art Title:Nelson Mandela
Size (in.):H: 30.00 x W : 20.00 x D : 0
Medium:Oil, acrylic, pastel and pencil
Price: $1,000
Status: For Sale

Nelson Mandela

Wale Adeoye

  • Nelson Mandela

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Additional Notes:
Description: This is a portrait of a South African icon and a noble leader with an outstanding legacy done in a mixed media form to experiment the combine use of pencils, pastel, acrylic and oil paint in archiving a desire result. The drawing of lion at the background is portraying a strong character of a leader; the face of the Elevant is revealing the honors that is accompany the present of his kind... ''As it is difficult to denied the presence of an Elevant'' and the palm tree at the background is to depict long live and prosperity to Nelson Mandela in a simple African way.