Artist Name: Pablo Picasso
Art Title:Vollard Suite 1956
Size (in.):H: 82.00 x W : 11.00 x D : 0
Price: $3,250
Status: For Sale

Vollard Suite 1956

Pablo Picasso

  • Vollard Suite 1956

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Additional Notes:
This edition was sold out long ago. Furthermore the value of this particular artwork lies in the penciled hand-signature. Along with the artwork comes a certificate of authenticity (COA) from an English art gallery. Considering its age, the artwork is in an excellent condition. There are only minimal traces of aging which are quite normal after 50 years and prove the authenticity beyond a doubt The attractive frame coming with the lithograph is new and custom-made. It is not a low-cost-frame but a professional acid free framework done by a renowned art gallery. Hand Signed Print from Vollard Suite"1956 The signature is coincidentally placed by Mr. Picasso as complementary for the exhibition Director in Hamburg in 1957 and is not numbered.