Artist Name: Severios Malva
Art Title:On the Beach
Size (in.):H: 22.50 x W : 26.25 x D : 3.25
Medium:Oil on Board
Price: $4,290
Status: For Sale

On the Beach

Severios Malva

  • On the Beach

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Additional Notes:
“On the Beach” is a masterfully painted impressionistic scene that exhibits the thick paint and bold brushstrokes that define Malva’s natural style. This original oil painting depicts an attractive group of Victorian ladies, joined by their maid, enjoying their rather windy day on the beach. It seems that the sun’s rays have found their way through the gloom just to warm these pretty ladies, as indicated by the bright patch of sand beneath them and the vivid colors of their dresses. The warm tones seen in the sand and other fashionable details effectively neutralize the cool blue tones found in the sky and sea. These charming ladies are clearly the focus of the painting, with their bolder colors and dominance over the scene. Rendered with quick and numerous brushstrokes, the painting exudes a dynamic feeling that is full of life. And even though it has been varnished over, lending an even more antique feel to it, the delicate impasto that has been created is still quite visible. This i