Artist Name: Severios Malva
Art Title:Needlepoint On The Beach
Size (in.):H: 15.00 x W : 16.50 x D : 3.00
Medium:Oil on Panel
Price: $1,200
Status: For Sale

Needlepoint On The Beach

Severios Malva

  • Needlepoint On The Beach

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Additional Notes:
“Needlepoint on the Beach” is a masterfully painted impressionistic scene that exhibits the thick paint and bold brushstrokes that define Malva’s natural style. This original oil painting depicts two Victorian ladies and a little girl whiling away the hours doing their needlepoint while also enjoying a day at the beach. The day is a bit cloudy, creating a soft and hazy quality to the background, making nice use of atmospheric perspective. This allows the three figures in the foreground to stand out even more, for they are clearly rendered unlike the mere suggestions of such seen off in the distance. They are also clad in a variation of blacks and whites, which is always deemed to be a classy and elegant style of dress. The warm tones seen in the sand effectively bring a balance to the cooler blue tones found in the sky and sea. Rendered with quick and numerous brushstrokes to form delicate areas of impasto, the painting exudes a dynamic feeling that is full of life. It has also been co