Artist Name: LeAndrea Young
Art Title:Wild Fire (hidden horse)
Size (in.):H: 20.00 x W : 16.00 x D : 0.50
Price: $1,500
Status: For Sale

Wild Fire (hidden horse)

LeAndrea Young

  • Wild Fire (hidden horse)

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Additional Notes:
I am a self taught artist with no formal art training. I have been creatively expressing myself since early childhood and have been developing my style since the early 90's. I like to work with acrylic and water to help the color flow around the canvas. I use emotion, mood and setting to motivate my work. Many of my paintings have a sexual overtone and it is common to find hidden images within most pieces. Most times there is hidden penis' and this is not always done intentionally. My work has been displayed locally and has been purchased by private collectors or have been commissioned. Please note: Some pieces are signed as L.Gay or L.Young. I hope you enjoy my art and thank you for your interest. -LeAndrea Young