Artist Name: Cesar Llamas
Art Title:Bud Yankees
Size (in.):H: 96.00 x W : 48.00 x D : 0
Medium:Oil acrylic on dp canvas
Price: $8,800
Status: For Sale

Bud Yankees

Cesar Llamas

  • Bud Yankees

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Additional Notes:
At first glance, the art series New York City Roadkill – 2006 could be about recycling consumer waste. The compositions consist of images of flattened containers; coffee cups, water bottles, beer and soda cans. We identify the brand by label color and familiar graphic text. The artist Cesar Llamas is inviting the viewer to look beyond mere identification, to explore the shiny, twisted metal, to muse upon color plastics, dirty glass and wrinkled cardboard. This series communicates many ideas about consumption and consumerism, usefulness and waste, form and chaos. Regarding the subject matter, there is a connection to consumerism.These are bottles, cans and containers that were used and discarded on the street. The artist, Cesar Llamas while going about his routines along the streets and sidewalks of NYC reclaims containers from the streets, sometimes taking risks to catch a particularly interesting one. [He picks up containers that have been flattened by traffic.]