Artist Name: Ronnie Godley
Art Title:Return To The Garden
Size (in.):H: 24.00 x W : 0.50 x D : 20.00
Price: $1,000
Status: For Sale

Return To The Garden

Ronnie Godley

  • Return To The Garden

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Additional Notes:
The original Garden of Eden (by interpretation) was a place where man and woman were first tempted by and subsequently overcome by sin. As a result, we (as humans) have been under attack from those very same temptations to sin ever since. 'Return To The Garden' represents yet another dispictionary attack by sin, on man and woman. The man prays while the woman looks straight ahead with a serene yet determined stare. Will she once again fall to this temptation or will the power of prayer be strong enough to save their love? ( which is represented by the glowing red apple.)What do you see? What do you think the outcome of this trial will be? A great gift, conversational piece or point of reference as a moral compass for anyone facing the trials of life.