Artist Name: Richard Young
Art Title:Desire
Size (in.):H: 30.40 x W : 48.80 x D : 0.40
Medium:Oil on loose canvas
Price: ---
Status: Sold


Richard Young

  • Desire

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Additional Notes:
Man's desire is for the woman; sensual, erotic and passionate. Woman's desire is for the desire of man; intimacy and possession of his soul. This beautiful painting of Amanda depicts both aspects of such desire, as she uses a more surreptitious eroticism and sensuality in her pose, with the ruffled covers suggesting a desperate, unbridled writhing passion within. To quote Shakespeare: "Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance?" After all, desire is an appetite, craving for something unattainable, particularly sexual. In selection of this pose for Amanda, her physique has been exploited to the maximum extent possible and all aspects of her body language have been adjusted specifically to tease the imagination of the viewer. Rear lighting has been used to create deep shadows and enhance mood and atmosphere, emphasised by the lustrously folded covers on the settee. The background and the floor have been minimised so as not to distract. Oil pai