Artist Name: Henry Asencio
Art Title:Illumination
Size (in.):H: 30.00 x W : 40.00 x D : 0
Medium:Artist Embellished Giclee on Canvas
Price: $2,500
Status: For Sale


Henry Asencio

  • Illumination

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Additional Notes:
Incredible price for this piece! About Illumination: "Illumination", as the title and imagery may suggest, speaks of ones' spiritual quest for enlightenment and truth. Permeating the background of this work is a seemingly frantic aura of the sun. Hot and fiery, yet filled with life-giving energy that supercedes its danger, therein lies the power to transform. Draped in crimson, Asencio's muse reclines in the foreground as if ready to emerge from a long slumber. As she faces the light, shadows of doubt dissolve. The quest beings, as we search for that which enlightens our life and clarifies our souls. Sometimes all we need is a little light to shine to open our hearts and minds - and then we, too, will be illuminated. About the artist: "I want people to feel what I am doing - not just see what I am painting." Henry Asencio Henry Asencio's signature use of color, form, and texture coalesce to reveal a contemporary dialogue between the material and the spiritual--the artist, hi