Artist Name: Ronnie Godley
Art Title:Metamorphosis
Size (in.):H: 17.00 x W : 13.00 x D : 9.00
Price: $5,000
Status: For Sale


Ronnie Godley

  • Metamorphosis

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Additional Notes:
It is said that no two pieces of driftwood are quite the same. Some, it would appear, have just a little bit more character or personality than others. Metamorphosis , I think, can be described as being one of such pieces. And just like everyone of us, we who have our own life’s story; ‘Meta’ has its’ also. But only the expanded imagination can begin to consider the journey of a single piece of wood that’s been adrift in a sea of eternity. All the while, being sculpted solely be the unending hands of nature and time. This is a treated piece of varnished and stain red oak, freshwater driftwood which has acquired its name by the unusual contours of its torso. Purely out of a sense of novelty, the artist decided to place the sculpture on a turnsile which allows it to be swiveled from front to front with just a slight touch of the hand. I say ‘front to front’ because, you see, one view has been shaped to depict the torso of a man, while the other side shows that of a