Artist Name: Juha Jungman
Art Title:Frank & Silas
Size (in.):H: 24.80 x W : 32.80 x D : 1.60
Medium:Acrylic on canvas
Price: $1,700
Status: For Sale

Frank & Silas

Juha Jungman

  • Frank & Silas

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Additional Notes:
Has following text written on the black ground. Text is only visible in UV-light. "Up till that day, it was always told about Little-Margaret, was the funny story how she got her name. Her family's got twelve kids, and I guess at the hospital, her dad forgot they already had a Margaret, and called her Margaret too. But they won't tell that anymore. Little-Margaret's got a different story now. You know, the only other time I saw anyone dead, was when Joe Buffalo died. He was in a box, and looked like he was sleeping. But Little-Margaret was murdered. Her eyes were wide open when we found her. Poppy left the next week, she got to be a waitress in Toronto. Frank said he really didn't give a shit, but I know he didn't mean it. Coyote put the books away. He was always getting into fights after that. Sadie I didn't see much anymore. She got organized about the trial and trying to get more attention for native issues. And I know that's really good. But it was a long