Artist Name: Williams Jannifer
Art Title:San Francisco Is Red
Size (in.):H: 0.00 x W : 0 x D : 0
Medium:Mixed media
Price: $2,500
Status: For Sale

San Francisco Is Red

Williams Jannifer

  • San Francisco Is Red

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Additional Notes:
ArtGodWine is the name I've given to my business devoted to delivering high-quality, enduring pieces of art. The idea for the the name was conceived during my stay in Italy where I studied art during the Summer of 1999. Every day I felt the dominance of of the Renaissance would become the future of art, social conscience, science, and politics in the 15th Century and beyond. Much of the art in Florence at the time centered around God's creatures, and stories of Christianity. During my free time, I tasted and collected many different wines which I kept in my apartment in Italy. Eureka! ArtGodWine was born. Renaissance culture produced artists of extreme ambition, respectful of their craft and dedicated to the portrayal of perfection in art. I strive to imitate these great symbols of the culture and to deliver spirituality, grace, and a deep sense of respect for my craft in my work. One Love, Janna