Artist Name: PK Steel
Art Title:The Z Table
Size (in.):H: 23.00 x W : 24.00 x D : 24.00
Medium:Steel and Glass
Price: $1,000
Status: For Sale

The Z Table

PK Steel

  • The Z Table

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Additional Notes:
Weight (lbs): 71.4 lbs (Steel - 48 lbs, Glass 23.4 lbs) Material: Glass top. Steel frame. Finish: pictured, light blue powder coat . Color: Colors are available upon request. Construction 1” & 1 ½” square tubing,11 gauge. Also ¼” thick tubing. Product Features: ¼” tube connects the shelves, making the design one-of-kind and extremely strong. Two glass surfaces. Description: This Floating Shelf End Table possesses many attributes that make this piece so attractive. The single square tube that connects the two shelves is ¼” thick, which is thicker than the already sturdy steel we use in all of our pieces. Upon first glance, one might wonder how that tube can support any weight that would be put on the top shelf. The fact of the matter is that an average weight person can stand on the top shelf and there is no give. Do not try this at home of course, but the point being conveyed is the strength of that tube allows the unique design. ¼” glass is used on both surfaces.