Artist Name: Robert Toth
Art Title:Vista #1
Size (in.):H: 40.00 x W : 48.00 x D : 2.00
Price: $3,500
Status: For Sale

Vista #1

Robert Toth

  • Vista #1

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Additional Notes:
Robert Toth's Vista series was featured in American Artist Magazie, January 2000. Noted American Artist, Sculptor and Designer Robert R. Toth introduces you to his 'Realm of Art' Gallery Collection. STATEMENT He has directed his talent toward a celebration of the American ideal of quality through his series of custom sculptures and paintings. "As an artist I've always been drawn to things larger than life. Things that take on a meaning beyond themselves and fill us with memory and emotion, embodying the spirit of a dynamic time or celebrating a special event or achievement. The theme running through all my work is greatness; something far beyond the ordinary. Things which symbolize a standard of excellence in design and achievement". The compelling purpose of "The Masters" has been to energize our lives to greater possibilities and pointed the way for us. The artists, writers, musicians, scientists, the entrepreneurs of yesteryear. For me, these images have created a stimu