Artist Name: Ronald Meilof
Art Title:Continental Landscape 1
Size (in.):H: 18.00 x W : 22.00 x D : 0
Price: $1,400
Status: For Sale

Continental Landscape 1

Ronald Meilof

  • Continental Landscape 1

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Additional Notes:
Ronald Meilof was born in “Het Gooi” (The Netherlands) in 1953. After developing his own style, his tutor, H. van Moerkerken, taught him the finer points of the former Dutch Romantic School. Considered to be among the most competent young artists who paint in the style of this Dutch Romantic School, Meilof's paintings are in great demand by art collectors from England, Germany, and even America and his works can be found in many prominent collections. To date he has held exhibitions of his paintings in Birmingham, Frankfurt and New York. This incredibly detailed painting is an original oil on board. The sunlight in this painting is a true artistic achievement in the way in which it catches on the sail, blades of grass, and the individuals; bathing them in a warm golden glow that gently contrasts the cool hues of the shadows. Uniquely and artistically painted, and in very good condition this painting is beautifully framed in an expensive antique-looking, highly ornate, gold wood fram