Artist Name: Robert Rukavina
Art Title:Blue
Size (in.):H: 27.50 x W : 15.50 x D : 0
Price: $1,450
Status: For Sale


Robert Rukavina

  • Blue

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Additional Notes:
This painting is a showcase of Rukavina’s unique impressionistic painting style. His bold use of line, combined with the creative use of tonal value and color make Rukavina’s work very distinct and desirable. Rukavina’s use of warm skin tones set against the cool blue hues of the background grabs your attention. This painting is excellently framed in a tarnished gold colored wood frame that is ornate and emphasizes the warm flesh tones. This picture measures 27.5” x 15.5”, including frame. It is an excellent painting for an outstanding price. Robert Rukavina, a Detroit, Michigan resident, was an avid impressionist painter. Born in 1914, Rukavina would later become a member of art clubs and have his work displayed in several galleries. His paintings have since become desirable by many collectors.