Artist Name: James Livingston
Art Title:Autumn Stripes
Size (in.):H: 16.00 x W : 12.00 x D : 0.00
Medium:Oil on canvasboard
Price: $7,500
Status: For Sale

Autumn Stripes

James Livingston

  • Autumn Stripes

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Additional Notes:
I'm an abstract artist and I have been painting in oils since October 1995. I have chosen painting to be a life long interest and career. I prefer to paint positive and colorful images that are usually motivated by nature. I have never had any formal training in the arts but I have always been inclined to express myself creatively. "Stalagmite" is a technique that I have originated and have been further developing for several years. The technique is basically simple, I allow the brush strokes to extend from the top and bottom of the canvas and flow towards and sometimes through the center. Occasionally, I will allow some of the brush strokes to "float" rather than connecting them to one of the edges. This give me more versatility and depth within the technique. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the artwork. ~ James Livingston