Artist Name: Howard Lamar
Art Title:C. Woman on My Mind
Size (in.):H: 30.00 x W : 24.00 x D : 2.00
Medium:Oil and metallic on canvas
Price: $12,000
Status: For Sale

C. Woman on My Mind

Howard Lamar

  • C. Woman on My Mind

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Additional Notes:
Howard Lamar Iconography: Man & Woman: May be the main subjects, or their profiles may simply float along the edges; the man can represent firmness and commitment; the woman has a nurturing spirit and represents flexibility; when together, the man and woman balance each other out. Sun: Warmth, light, strength and masculinity; may also represent the human spirit striving toward enlightenment. Angel: The Protector; watches over the couple since they're always into mischief; often accompanies the Muse. Muse: Character that blows his horn to demand attention and tell everyone to calm down; may blow hearts or stars out of his horn to announce love, joy or celebration. Flowers: Family and friends. Hearts: Love. Princess the Cat: Domestication; usually has a few fish in her belly to keep her happy. Stars: The universe and infinity, and their relationship to time. Fish: Movement About the artist... "Art begins with heart; that's why I paint my family and friends. I've always used bri