Artist Name: Daniela Rosenhouse
Art Title:Nectar
Size (in.):H: 48.00 x W : 36.00 x D : 0
Medium:oil on canvas
Price: $12,000
Status: For Sale


Daniela Rosenhouse

  • Nectar

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Additional Notes:
In her artistic work Daniela presents staged scenes from her inner existence and this in a Figurative approach that captures the human spirit ; This as a Post- Modernist approach in which the artist delivers a message in a directed or staged way to present reality or society as part of a theater of the absurd. Rosenhouse's large dimensional pictures are rich in Symbolism and have a Meta- Physical feeling. She successfully combines in them abstract narratives with symbols and metaphors. These feelings are expressed by means of a warm and colorful pallet and virtuosic classic ability. In her work she stages a multi dimensional play in which reality and the imaginary mix, times and different periods unite and through it all a feeling of surrealism abides.