Artist Name: Nora Ness
Art Title:Trails of Life 1.0 - Nora Ness&Visualclash
Size (in.):H: 30.00 x W : 20.00 x D : 0
Medium:Digtial photography
Price: $5,500
Status: For Sale

Trails of Life 1.0 - Nora Ness&Visualclash

Nora Ness

  • Trails of Life 1.0 - Nora Ness&Visualclash

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Additional Notes:
The Artist Nora NESS: Model and photographer at the same time is an uncommon kind of art only some people are able to manage. Narcissism a little bit exhibitionism and some table spoons of voyeurism are absolutely necessary attributes for her extraordinary self performance which she only creates in front of a mirror. Here often also provocative self performance ranges from pure nudeness to real erotic moments. Her work is the counterpart to the sterile erotic genre of our time. Her work isn't neither clean, nor always perfect illuminated - Nora loves the darkness which is often shown in her work - but it’s breathtakingly erotic, sensual, and full of real passionate emotions. Some more about the artist Nora NESS: Exhibition of some of my works at Saatchi-Gallery, London, UK Featured Photographer in the Erotic Art Magazin Duclerck, USA Featured Photographer of Nude Art Gallery, USA Selling her erotic art work at Erotic Art Gallery Inasaja, Germany Selling her er