Artist Name: Paula Nicho Cumez
Art Title:Mujeres de Maiz
Size (in.):H: 27.50 x W : 22.00 x D : 0.00
Price: $10,000
Status: For Sale

Mujeres de Maiz

Paula Nicho Cumez

  • Mujeres de Maiz

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Additional Notes:
The “Women of Corn” is based on the Mayan belief that humans had been fashioned out of corn. In this painting we see that each corn maiden is a different color. These colors have a symbolism that is linked to the directions in the universe. Black is West and represents the sun going down under the horizon in the subterranean world. Red is East and represents the reappearance of the rising sun. Yellow is the South, the gold light and White is North where it is cold and without color.

Original oil on Canvas, signed, Original Signed Certificate of Authenticity. Canvas: 18" x 24", Framed: 27.5" x 22" - Beautiful decorative frame. Artist Biography Paula Nicho Cumez is one of the most well recognized of the Mayan women artists. Ms. Paula Nicho was deeply influenced by her Mayan traditions and love of nature. She has been a leader among Mayan women artists and was a central figure in surreal movement in Mayan women's art. She uses her excellent background as a weaver to influence