Artist Name: Athena Alexa
Art Title:Mirror of Time
Size (in.):H: 40.00 x W : 30.00 x D : 0
Medium:Mixed media on canvas painting
Price: $15,000
Status: For Sale

Mirror of Time

Athena Alexa

  • Mirror of Time

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Additional Notes:
The reflection of eternity, is bound in the mirror of time, His memories of the earth, can be seen through, the laughter in his smile, His time spent among man, Are written in the fantasies of their legends, and all the many tears he has shed, still linger in his heart, For They could never see how much it all meant... Most never knew he was there.. But the memories are bound in the mirror of time.. And still linger in his heart.... This is a page from part 3 of my earth prayer book series and it is titled Fairy Tales in The Land Of Tomorrow. The first book in the earth Prayers series is now available,It is entitled Earth Prayers Angels and dreams. For order info google earth prayers angels and dreams or you can order the book from your favorite bookstore. Thank you so much for viewing my work!!!Have a beautiful day!!! Athena Alexa I am a mixed media artist and I am currently # 19 on this years ranking for best mixed media artists,I have been nominated for photography la