Artist Name: Athena Alexa
Art Title:The Awakening
Size (in.):H: 40.00 x W : 30.00 x D : 0
Medium:Mixed media on canvas giclee
Price: $15,000
Status: For Sale

The Awakening

Athena Alexa

  • The Awakening

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Additional Notes:
In a silence, that was all his own, A little boy called out to God When He was all alone, God took him in his arms, And wiped away his tears, Do not be afraid my son, I will always be here... He lives in a quiet place, Behind the doorways of time, Ever yearning to tell his story, To dance under the golden stars, He waits and watches through the window of eternity, So very close to his destiny Yet captured by the fears of man, The beauty of life’s precious moments, Live within his every thought, The eternal child looks on in amazement, At a world of such breath taking glory, A world where he dwells in, silence, Within the spirit of man…This is a page from part 3 of my earth prayer book series and it is titled The angels Awaken, The first book in the Earth Prayers series is now available,For order info google earth prayers angels and dreams you can order the book from your favorite bookstore. Thank you so much for viewing my work!!!Have a beautiful day!!! Athena Alexa