Artist Name: Cris Orfescu
Art Title:Surfing Boards
Size (in.):H: 40.00 x W : 60.00 x D : 0.00
Medium:NanoArt digital print
Price: $19,995
Status: For Sale

Surfing Boards

Cris Orfescu

  • Surfing Boards

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Additional Notes:
NANOART - Original. To obtain the structure, the artist created a nano-sculpture by hydrolyzing a tiny drop of a chemical and coating the structure with Gold. The monochromatic scan has been painted and manipulated digitally. The final image is printed on canvas with archival inks. The depth and three dimensions achieved in NanoArt sets this process of electron imaging apart from traditional Photography, where images are created by photons(particles of light) rather than by electrons (electrically charged particles). The electrons penetrate deeper in the structure creating images with more depth, more natural 3D look than the photographic images. The buyer will also receive the original digital file. My art is a reflection of the technological movement. I consider NanoArt to be a more appealing and effective way to communicate with the general public and to inform people about the new technologies of the 21st Century. NanoArt is intended to make the public aware of Nanotechnology and