Artist Name: Howard Lamar
Art Title:The Blue Muse
Size (in.):H: 17.50 x W : 7.00 x D : 0
Medium:Painted Graal
Price: $7,500
Status: For Sale

The Blue Muse

Howard Lamar

  • The Blue Muse

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Additional Notes:
Weight: 10 1/2 lbs. Howard Lamar Iconography Muse: Character that blows his horn to demand attention and tell everyone to calm down; may blow hearts or stars out of his horn to announce love, joy or celebration. Man & Woman: May be the main subjects, or their profiles may simply float along the edges; the man can represent firmness and commitment; the woman has a nurturing spirit and represents flexibility; when together, the man and woman balance each other out. Sun: Warmth, light, strength and masculinity; may also represent the human spirit striving toward enlightenment. Stars: The universe and infinity, and their relationship to time. Flowers: Family and friends. Hearts: Love. Howard Lamar Series Painted Graal Series: As Legend goes the Holy Grail (Graal) was the chalice used by Christ at the First Communion. Lost over the decades, many myths encompass the search for the Holy Grail. Some believe this chalice could bring everlasting life and help find ones inner peace.