Artist Name: Krystyna Suchwallo
Art Title:Cascade
Size (in.):H: 20.00 x W : 22.40 x D : 0.48
Medium:Oil on canvas
Price: $4,000
Status: For Sale


Krystyna Suchwallo

  • Cascade

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Additional Notes:
Krystyna Suchwallo .She was born in Vilnius at 1958.From 1959 she is living in Poland. Studied-State Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Graduation with honours in1986 from Prof. Sramkiewicz’s class. She has many exhibitions in Poland ,Sweden, Germany and Austria. Works in many private collections in Germany, Holland, Japan, Poland Sweden and USA. “Krystyna Suchwallo, one of the outstanding Polish landscape painters, studied painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Gdansk under the eminent artist-Professor Kazimierz Sramkiewicz. She is of Lithuanian descent: thirty generations of her family have always held in the highest regard the memory of their legendary ancestor-Prince Gedymin who lived as early as in the pagan times of Middle Ages. As befits a descendant of the family who once ruled the Great Princedom of Lithuania, she is a neoconservative. Her painting reflect a noble search for the beauty of natural and idyllic paradise. It is the world with could be seen during a magic, subcele