Artist Name: Andrew Campbell
Art Title:E Pluribus Unum
Size (in.):H: 11.00 x W : 8.50 x D : 0.00
Price: $100,000
Status: For Sale

E Pluribus Unum

Andrew Campbell

  • E Pluribus Unum

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Additional Notes:
The Artist - Andrew Campbell is the antithesis of the celebrity seeking and publicity driven shallowness prevalent in our egocentric age. As such he has become known as a somewhat uncompromising figure in the art world. His cool disregard for ephemeral trend and his unabashed refusal to ‘play the game’ or to allow himself to be conveniently categorized and packaged – together with his perplexingly strange past reluctance to exhibit or rarely show his work in public since graduating from Goldsmiths School of Art in London – has led him to be variously described as…“A radical artistic visionary : A true maverick and eccentric outsider whose work takes no hostages in its unrelenting pursuit of the truth” * – to…“An infuriating genius: A brooding obscure presence working cleverly and independently askew from the fickle fashion conscious contemporary art scene”.* Presently working in both the U.K. and the U.S.A. on projects whose otherwise taboo