Artist Name: Mbonu Emerem
Art Title:Abundance of Materials #1
Size (in.):H: 20.80 x W : 24.80 x D : 0
Medium:Acrylic on Paper
Price: $3,500
Status: For Sale

Abundance of Materials #1

Mbonu Emerem

  • Abundance of Materials #1

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Additional Notes:
ARTIST MISSION STATEMENT I conceive life and living in the context of our relationships with the sacred realm. Hence, my artworks and creative efforts place man at the center of function. My works are mainly abstract, yet they contain obvious distinctions of my culture. With unusual combinations of Western and African motifs and techniques, they are made to rouse the conscience of mankind, reclaim the human race, and restore humanity and the dignity of man. I use acrylic, oil, watercolor, pencil and mixed media in the execution of my works. I saturate my works with stunning and imposing sacrosanct by borrowing and using connotative images to show hidden force using themes that emphasize my sufferings as a struggling artist. For me carrying on the old conventions is not enough. Although I take them into account, I also seek inspiration from the life around me in order to make the traditions serve modern times. As life reveals to me its fresh meanings, I find it difficult not to refle