Artist Name: Mbonu Emerem
Art Title:Exorcize Unhappy Memories #2
Size (in.):H: 20.00 x W : 24.00 x D : 0
Medium:Acrylic On Canvass
Price: $3,000
Status: For Sale

Exorcize Unhappy Memories #2

Mbonu Emerem

  • Exorcize Unhappy Memories  #2

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Additional Notes:
The artist: As a youngster. Mbonu Christopher Emerem, had a strikingly harmonious balance with nature. As a struggling high school pupil, he found satisfaction in the little peculiarities of details, especially in his brush strokes on canvas. He could in a matter of simple strokes and through unusual combination of colours, materials, styles and techniques produce a work of art, whose freshness and vitality belied his young age. At the age of twelve, for instance, he presented a stunning gift to his church as his contribution to a thanksgiving anniversary. The gift was an untitled drawing showing the Virgin Mary, with the baby, Jesus Christ, in her arms while Joseph stands on the side. The painting drew Emerem fame so much so that he was soon commissioned to carve logos for the boy’s Brigade and girl’s Guide in the area. Then the Nigerian Civil War came and cut him off on the side of Biafrans. Emerem’s painful recollections of the worst in that war and he death of his moth