Artist Name: Mbonu Emerem
Art Title:Exorcise Unhappy Memories#1
Size (in.):H: 20.80 x W : 25.20 x D : 0
Medium:Acrylic on Paper
Price: $3,500
Status: For Sale

Exorcise Unhappy Memories#1

Mbonu Emerem

  • Exorcise Unhappy Memories#1

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Additional Notes:
AFRICA RISES IN THE ART OF SIR MBONU CHRISTOPHER EMEREM. As Andre Magnin and Jacques Soulillou point out in the introduction to their landmark volume "Contemporary Art of Africa," while African music and dance have been heralded worldwide, the relative neglect of the continent's visual arts in inexplicable, given their profound effect on Picasso,Modigliani, and other modern masters. Although he graduated from the University of Nigeria with a degree in Economics in 1983, Emerem soon abandoned that field of study to pursue his artistic calling. We can only be thankful that he did, given the untrammeled power and beauty of his work, with its muscular forms and vibrant colors working in concert to produce visionary compositions that pulse with life. One of Emerem's most striking paintings in terms of how it turns the tables on Picasso's take on the forms of African tribal art is the dynamic acrylic on canvas "Trapped in the Dance of Destiny." In this bold composition, teo shapely eb